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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Food for the dude

Welcome to my blog again. Due to the fact that I have a 'fan' who wants to hear about my story, I'll post one for his sake =)

Alright straight to the point. Cooking was never my thing. I repeat. WAS never. After a series of events (when I had nothing to eat) which cause me to rethink my activities.

Shoulda read this earlier...

I was forced to cook… so I started by cooking an egg, the easiest thing to cook in the world. You can do anything with an egg. You can fry, stew, boil, pan fry, stir fry and loads more. Marvelous thing of nature. Absolutely wonderful. It also makes you full.

Eggs, you gotta love 'em...

Until now.

NOW, I am able to cook loads more delicious food. I have fallen in love with cooking. Cooking is really fun and exciting. Let’s see what I have cooked recently.

Yummy... Chicken curry dish with potatoes, long beans & boiled eggs.

The curry was spicy with the potatoes sliced to small cubes and was soft while the eggs was an addition to the dish.

This dish was cooked by me but with assistance from my fellow house mates which I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to them. =)

Next on the list...

Healthy food for the soul

Roasted chicken with stewed pork sausage, baked chips and fresh salad… including the complimentary CuvĂ©e Mythique-Shiraz Grenache 2005 wine courtesy of Mr. LFM (he wishes to stay anonymous).

The chicken was marinated & roasted in an oven with the chips while the fresh salad was purchased with some addition of fresh cabbage. There was a variety of sauces available (as shown) for the salad depending on their taste.

Anyway both dishes were great with everyone complimenting a great dinner they had. I was so happy with myself and with the excellent and wonderful food I had.

BTW the roasted chicken was the easier one to cook compared to the curry dish! =p

Well this are the dishes that I managed to capture pictures of but the rest of them were equally tasty and nice. I hope that I can continue to cook more different dishes in the future but with my workload and assignments coming around, it could be hard to manage but… I’ll try! *fingers crossed*


Howard said...

i don't know man... but you kinda making your blog towards food blogging...

keep your track dude... and good to see something's up here... congratz, take care...


Clement Yee said...

Haha yeah, that's the point. I make my food which is so normal sound as though its been cooked by a high class chef ;)