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Wednesday, 28 May 2008


A few days ago, I managed to see how Malaysian police do their jobs.

Watch this.

Honestly from this video, I may not know what happened is truly what they say but I really can't really understand the way how the police in Malaysia handles problems. Hordes (Yes, hordes!) of policemen surrounding the car screaming, shouting and banging at the car. I mean if I was in the car, I would also be freaking scared to even open the door. Instinctively I would also try to avoid them as they were being aggressive and very hostile. I would rather get out of the scene and head to the nearest police station and handle things... peacefully.

Those policemen (or whoever they are) were absolutely not acting by any laws at all. If that is the standard SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the law enforcers to handle that situation, I seriously will be very afraid. Very.

Brrr... gives me the chills if I was the guy in that car. I would completely freak out! If anyone has extra info on it, comment about it.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


After the previous blog has caused some problems, this is what I would like to say.

Again after all the things that has happened, this is no matter what, my online diary. I would love to write anything I feel or have in my mind. It may be be extremely sensitive or probably just a plain ol' joke but all in all, I've learn my lesson and sensitive issues will be brought down to a minimum. Blame it on me being an online blog noobie. Blame it on me being ignorant and not looking wide and far enough. But I cannot blame myself for wanting to express my thoughts which I realized could be done through this blog.

Although, apologies to those hurt in the process.


PS: If I do have readers out there, I would love some comments on my blogs so that I can control the boundaries and at the same time knowing more people. Peace out. ;)

Monday, 26 May 2008

Utterly betrayed

This post has been removed due to some circumstances. I apologize for the sudden removal of it but if you remain curious, please contact through my e-mail provided.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Crazy night out

This post is regarding the night where I did something stupidly out-of-my-mind.

The reason I had a walk that night was not intentional. I actually wanted to take a simple breather outside as to clear my mind and think through my thoughts. I had my mp3 on and thought that it would only take a while as it was just a breather therefore I left my room door open. As I sat staring around the area while listening to my mp3 player, I suddenly had the urge to have a short walk by just following the lights along the street thinking that I wouldn’t go far. As I strolled along, I felt quite excited as I have never done this before and as I follow along the street lights were never-ending, not quite like Malaysia’s road lighting system :P.

The chilly night at Wingrove Avenue

At that moment, I never used my rational mind to bother about simple yet important things such as bringing my hand phone or my wallet along or even on informing my housemates about it. I was so excited and curious (curiosity does kill a cat!) as to where the street lights might bring me that I put all that is important at the back of my head.

This is what happens when you are being curious. (Picture from

I sincerely apologize those who had been worried about me and at the same time also wishing to thank them as I realized they are the friends anyone would ever want.


I hope that I have not cause any one of them to have any doubts on whether I am sane as I do think rationally and would not even have a second thought of even hurting myself. That moment at that night was a spur of a moment and I can promise you it would not happen again and IF it ever does happen again, I'll remember to bring my hand phone along ;).

Although the walk that night was unintentional, I would say it was quite fun. You could say I was stupid to do it but hey, other people may even have done more unimaginable, crazier things.

Like this.

I took the walk all the way quite deep into the Fenham area crossing Pandon Gardens realising that it was quite near. The air was fresh, it wasn’t that cold and with my mp3 player on, I felt much better and was in peace with myself. I was glad I had that walk but still emphasize that what I did that night was still wrong.

In peace

Anyway with the exams and assignments finishing off at the end of the month, it would lift some weight off my shoulder and I can do more things that I wanted to do a very long time. I will be starting to look for jobs around and life would return to normal for me with a big future ahead of me.

I think she has more burdens then me.

Again thank you to those who cared for me and I wish that it could last throughout our friendship. With guys like you, I would never be who I am today. Friends forever.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

My home where my heart lies...

I miss my home. Malaysia. The most beautiful country in my heart. The place where I was born, grew up, and spend the best times of my youth which I think was great. Don't you think so?

My home.

Its been said that many of the Malaysians are migrating off to other countries in search of a better life but I think that's just like avoiding responsibility. I will not say much here about the politics in this country as I admit that I have insufficient knowledge to criticize or comment about it but I do know that the Malaysian government needs to change the way it handles the country. There are certain things that are pretty obvious to the Malaysian nation but nothing or nobody has tried to change it.

Malaysia boast to be a peaceful multi-racial country but is that true? One thing that I realized recently is that I do not many friends of different races in Malaysia and I am terribly ashamed of that. Truly I am. After spending almost a year overseas, I have experienced many things and realized that no matter where I was, in my heart was only one place, my home. Yes, we may not have the most advanced technology in our country, we don't have a proper systematic government, but we do have something other countries do not have, our culture and we should be proud of it. We are unique, we are different, we are who we are.

Multi-racial but are we peaceful? (Photo from the Malaysian Tourism website)

I wouldn't label myself as a very patriotic person but I do know the deep love lying deep in my heart for my country. I can't let go of the memories I had there. I truly cannot stop saying that I love my country.

I believe in change whereby one person can make a difference. I feel that the mindset of Malaysians are now divided and we need to change that first before changing anything else in the country. As the phrase states, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Our country has the best range of food, probably in the world, lush rain forest, beautiful islands and beaches which we can be proud to mention to the world. The first step of what we can do is to be proud of the good things we have instead of listing down all the flaws of our country. So be proud!

Gawd, I miss it.

During a visit at, I spotted a post on the Malaysian Artistes for Unity which has produced a nice song titled Here in my home. This song touched me with the meanings only a true Malaysian would know. You can view a music video of them after this jump.

Optionally you can download the music in mp3, karaoke or in video for free here. Yes. For free. Great yeah? hehe =) (Typical Malaysian). Try singing it along. It feels great. For the readers of my blog, spread it around and we shall change the country we love, one pace at a time, yeah?

Miss you guys.

Till then, Malaysia Boleh! (Seriously gotta change that slogan =P)

Monday, 19 May 2008


I know. I know. I haven't updated the blog frequently. That's because I kinda in the exam period, studying now (haha, 'studying', riiiteee). So hence the extreme busy times now but I promise most post after this month. You can bet on it. =)

Anyway did you know there was a show on Cesc Fabregas by Nike? (For non-football followers, Cesc is a Spanish player playing in Arsenal and he looks quite cute as well. Google him. (Poison ladies to support Arsenal heh :P)

Watch this.

Look at his face. Classic haha. 'I watched Heroes but..' muahaha That made me laugh!

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Ah a short post for a little humor.

Does anyone remember MacGuyver? MacGuyver is extremely resourceful secret agent who favors brain over brawn in order to solve desperate problems. MacGyver usually uses his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items.

The intelligent man.

While I was doing a little research on my assignment, I saw a link about him and decided to have a little detour. I did some reading on him and realized he could take anything he saw and use it to save his own life in a dangerous situation. Literally anything. Pretty cool huh? Well, I came through a advertisement on a product about him and guess what?




Not so intelligent after all.

I just realized marketers from the yester years are sooooooo 'intelligent'!