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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Kame Hame HAHAHA

Ok, I don't know how many guys (or gals) out there read the DragonBall series but I do know that it is the best anime/manga in my whole life! Watching Goku from young to becoming an old grandpa haha. Gives me the nostalgias.

Anyway, back in HOLLYWOOD, some nut case movie producer decided that he wants to produce a LIVE-ACTION MOVIE based on the life of Son Goku. The first thing that went through my head was... WTF? Sure gone case one. How to imitate Goku's hairstyle in the first place? CGI it? And who would be acting as the legendary, cool, Goku?

That's when I saw my answers...




Nice try but.. no.

How do can it compare to this?!


Please! Please don't spoil my childhood hero's image!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


A few days ago, I managed to see how Malaysian police do their jobs.

Watch this.

Honestly from this video, I may not know what happened is truly what they say but I really can't really understand the way how the police in Malaysia handles problems. Hordes (Yes, hordes!) of policemen surrounding the car screaming, shouting and banging at the car. I mean if I was in the car, I would also be freaking scared to even open the door. Instinctively I would also try to avoid them as they were being aggressive and very hostile. I would rather get out of the scene and head to the nearest police station and handle things... peacefully.

Those policemen (or whoever they are) were absolutely not acting by any laws at all. If that is the standard SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the law enforcers to handle that situation, I seriously will be very afraid. Very.

Brrr... gives me the chills if I was the guy in that car. I would completely freak out! If anyone has extra info on it, comment about it.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


After the previous blog has caused some problems, this is what I would like to say.

Again after all the things that has happened, this is no matter what, my online diary. I would love to write anything I feel or have in my mind. It may be be extremely sensitive or probably just a plain ol' joke but all in all, I've learn my lesson and sensitive issues will be brought down to a minimum. Blame it on me being an online blog noobie. Blame it on me being ignorant and not looking wide and far enough. But I cannot blame myself for wanting to express my thoughts which I realized could be done through this blog.

Although, apologies to those hurt in the process.


PS: If I do have readers out there, I would love some comments on my blogs so that I can control the boundaries and at the same time knowing more people. Peace out. ;)

Monday, 26 May 2008

Utterly betrayed

This post has been removed due to some circumstances. I apologize for the sudden removal of it but if you remain curious, please contact through my e-mail provided.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Crazy night out

This post is regarding the night where I did something stupidly out-of-my-mind.

The reason I had a walk that night was not intentional. I actually wanted to take a simple breather outside as to clear my mind and think through my thoughts. I had my mp3 on and thought that it would only take a while as it was just a breather therefore I left my room door open. As I sat staring around the area while listening to my mp3 player, I suddenly had the urge to have a short walk by just following the lights along the street thinking that I wouldn’t go far. As I strolled along, I felt quite excited as I have never done this before and as I follow along the street lights were never-ending, not quite like Malaysia’s road lighting system :P.

The chilly night at Wingrove Avenue

At that moment, I never used my rational mind to bother about simple yet important things such as bringing my hand phone or my wallet along or even on informing my housemates about it. I was so excited and curious (curiosity does kill a cat!) as to where the street lights might bring me that I put all that is important at the back of my head.

This is what happens when you are being curious. (Picture from

I sincerely apologize those who had been worried about me and at the same time also wishing to thank them as I realized they are the friends anyone would ever want.


I hope that I have not cause any one of them to have any doubts on whether I am sane as I do think rationally and would not even have a second thought of even hurting myself. That moment at that night was a spur of a moment and I can promise you it would not happen again and IF it ever does happen again, I'll remember to bring my hand phone along ;).

Although the walk that night was unintentional, I would say it was quite fun. You could say I was stupid to do it but hey, other people may even have done more unimaginable, crazier things.

Like this.

I took the walk all the way quite deep into the Fenham area crossing Pandon Gardens realising that it was quite near. The air was fresh, it wasn’t that cold and with my mp3 player on, I felt much better and was in peace with myself. I was glad I had that walk but still emphasize that what I did that night was still wrong.

In peace

Anyway with the exams and assignments finishing off at the end of the month, it would lift some weight off my shoulder and I can do more things that I wanted to do a very long time. I will be starting to look for jobs around and life would return to normal for me with a big future ahead of me.

I think she has more burdens then me.

Again thank you to those who cared for me and I wish that it could last throughout our friendship. With guys like you, I would never be who I am today. Friends forever.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

My home where my heart lies...

I miss my home. Malaysia. The most beautiful country in my heart. The place where I was born, grew up, and spend the best times of my youth which I think was great. Don't you think so?

My home.

Its been said that many of the Malaysians are migrating off to other countries in search of a better life but I think that's just like avoiding responsibility. I will not say much here about the politics in this country as I admit that I have insufficient knowledge to criticize or comment about it but I do know that the Malaysian government needs to change the way it handles the country. There are certain things that are pretty obvious to the Malaysian nation but nothing or nobody has tried to change it.

Malaysia boast to be a peaceful multi-racial country but is that true? One thing that I realized recently is that I do not many friends of different races in Malaysia and I am terribly ashamed of that. Truly I am. After spending almost a year overseas, I have experienced many things and realized that no matter where I was, in my heart was only one place, my home. Yes, we may not have the most advanced technology in our country, we don't have a proper systematic government, but we do have something other countries do not have, our culture and we should be proud of it. We are unique, we are different, we are who we are.

Multi-racial but are we peaceful? (Photo from the Malaysian Tourism website)

I wouldn't label myself as a very patriotic person but I do know the deep love lying deep in my heart for my country. I can't let go of the memories I had there. I truly cannot stop saying that I love my country.

I believe in change whereby one person can make a difference. I feel that the mindset of Malaysians are now divided and we need to change that first before changing anything else in the country. As the phrase states, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Our country has the best range of food, probably in the world, lush rain forest, beautiful islands and beaches which we can be proud to mention to the world. The first step of what we can do is to be proud of the good things we have instead of listing down all the flaws of our country. So be proud!

Gawd, I miss it.

During a visit at, I spotted a post on the Malaysian Artistes for Unity which has produced a nice song titled Here in my home. This song touched me with the meanings only a true Malaysian would know. You can view a music video of them after this jump.

Optionally you can download the music in mp3, karaoke or in video for free here. Yes. For free. Great yeah? hehe =) (Typical Malaysian). Try singing it along. It feels great. For the readers of my blog, spread it around and we shall change the country we love, one pace at a time, yeah?

Miss you guys.

Till then, Malaysia Boleh! (Seriously gotta change that slogan =P)

Monday, 19 May 2008


I know. I know. I haven't updated the blog frequently. That's because I kinda in the exam period, studying now (haha, 'studying', riiiteee). So hence the extreme busy times now but I promise most post after this month. You can bet on it. =)

Anyway did you know there was a show on Cesc Fabregas by Nike? (For non-football followers, Cesc is a Spanish player playing in Arsenal and he looks quite cute as well. Google him. (Poison ladies to support Arsenal heh :P)

Watch this.

Look at his face. Classic haha. 'I watched Heroes but..' muahaha That made me laugh!

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Ah a short post for a little humor.

Does anyone remember MacGuyver? MacGuyver is extremely resourceful secret agent who favors brain over brawn in order to solve desperate problems. MacGyver usually uses his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items.

The intelligent man.

While I was doing a little research on my assignment, I saw a link about him and decided to have a little detour. I did some reading on him and realized he could take anything he saw and use it to save his own life in a dangerous situation. Literally anything. Pretty cool huh? Well, I came through a advertisement on a product about him and guess what?




Not so intelligent after all.

I just realized marketers from the yester years are sooooooo 'intelligent'!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Special One

Huah... finally able to post something on my blog. For the past 2 weeks, I was having the Easter holidays where I was able to visit London and Manchester. The cities was great but I'll post it on the next post. For now, some entertainment for football fanatics.

As you have known The Special One a.k.a. Jose Mourinho has left Chelsea FC for nearly a year. For his whereabouts, I wasn't to sure but recently he was tipped to be the next England manager. Unfortunately he rejected the offer. However this has put him back into the spotlight after some time away from the football scene.

Hilariously, I found one of his videos over (the wonders of videos) mentioning about the current English Premier League cups. Very nice.

Note FRANK, DIDIER and CLAUDE voices. Guess who they are. There was even a geordie slang from Newcastle talking about the formation of Newcastle! Even Roman wanted to buy over Setanta! I lol'ed at their voices. Fantastic!

If that was funny, watch how the top managers of the EPL argue in the show. Very nice.

Listen closely to Ferguson's chewing gum habit. Extremely funny and similar voices especially Wenger. Gave me the laughs! He IS fantastic and lets BE CHAMPIONS!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Square Mile

Huh, it has been a tough month of March for me. With all the workloads, I was going insane! Thank gawd its over already. Now, its Easter holidays! Woohoo! Relaxation.

For the past few days, I have been playing games, looking through hot girl Facebook accounts doing whatever I wanted. Ahh the good life… although unfortunately, Arsenal, the team that I support, has lost the Champions League (CL) and are on the verge of losing the top spot in the English Premier League (EPL). It gutted me but losing is part of life and it doesn’t affect me directly so :P.

Absolutely gutted... :(

Anyway, tomorrow…. Destination: London! Finally I will be able to see the capital of England. Might even be able to visit the Emirates Stadium! *Fingers crossed* Finally. I have been in England for nearly a year but this will be the first time I will be traveling IN UK. Lame. I know. Well, see you after the weekends!

Hello0000, London!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I'm coming home!

This has to be the most enjoyable moment for me!!! My cousin is getting married and I can return home for 2 weeks! Best of all, its after my dissertation!!! woowwww weeeeee...

Laksa, nasi lemak, my buddies, I'm coming wooohoooo!!!!!!

This has gotta be the best news I've ever got in my entire life!!!!! yipppeeeeeee!!!!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Good news, bad news...

I have some good news and some bad news.

Firstly, a few weeks ago, I accidentally lost my V3X after I found out that my pants had a hole in the pocket! I had that phone for nearly 2 years and although it was getting worn out, I was getting used to it. It had some sentimental feelings as it has been with me through good times, bad times, hot weather, cold weather, sweat, dust, and grime. Sometimes I really miss it. Anyway that's the bad news.

The good news is that my old contacts weren't together with the phone. I was lucky as I was using the new UK sim card and the 'important' contacts were in my Maxis sim card. Thank goodness. Anywayz I got a new UK sim card... and that's not all. muahahaha

I got myself a new phone and I'm damn well proud of it because its my first ever mobile phone that I have had in all my life! As some of you readers may know, that all my previous phones were 'hand-me-down' phones so it gave me no choice of getting my own at that time because... well... I didn't wanna spend a big chunk of my money on new hand phones. :P

Anyway... to the main news. My new phone is the...(*drumming*)... Motorola RAZR V8!!!

The physical body of the V8.

The clamshell phone is extremely thin and light. With the weight of 117g. Its damn light for me. Not only that its thin enough to be placed in my pocket without bulging out like my other... side of the pocket which my wallet is in. :)


The phone's new Linux OS software is way faster and efficient then the old Motorola's software although it tends to freeze sometimes when I'm multi-tasking (even when Motorola claims that it is using a faster processor) Anyway, the phone doesn't have any memory card slot although it does have a built-in 512mb memory storage. It doesn't bother me much as I hardly place much pictures nor music with it.

2 inches wide touchscreen, my friends. Bloody awesome.

As you can see from the pictures as well, the phone has a damn big external screen. That screen is 2 inches wide which makes it the biggest in the market currently. Not only that, its a TOUCHSCREEN. You can view your messages and manage music without even flipping open the lid. 'Talking' about viewing the messages, did you know this phone can read my messages aloud? How cool is that! Damn! Its damn cool. Even its name is damn cool. V8. Reminds me of a V8 engine roaring now. Awh. The power, beauty, and the elegance. I'm gonna be damn happy for a few months knowing I have something new to play with. MUAHAHAHA!!!

Look at that... I can't stop smiling now!

PS: Notice anything it the pic? :D

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Guillermo Ultimatum?

If you have read my previous post, you should know how funny Matt Damon was....


Ocean 13 premiere. Watch the ending!

I found another one of his movie spoofs! Enjoy!


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Jimmy Kimmel!

My friends recently sent me a video over Youtube and I found it hilarious!

Jimmy Kimmel is a American Comedian who host a talk show. This was one of his shows.

Part 1

After that, Matt got his revenge... with Jimmy's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, another comedian actress

Part 2

If you thought that was funny, wait till you watch the second one!

Part 3

Note the famous actor and actresses! Including Josh Groban!

What do you think about it? hahaha

Sunday, 23 March 2008

The World...

I was bored going through my assignments so I decided to post something up to keep my mind fresh. Couldn't t crank anything from my over-loading mind so I took something my old buddy wrote. What he wrote amused me but realizing that it was the truth of the current culture of the world. This is what he wrote...

'The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers,

Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints.

We spend more, but have less,

We buy more but enjoy less.

We have bigger houses and smaller families,

More conveniences, but less time.

We have more degrees but less sense,

More knowledge, but less judgment,

More experts,yet more problems,

More medicine,but less wellness.'

Well, I believe that life has gotten somewhat complicated but to my friends out there...


Sunday, 16 March 2008

Daylight Bike Robber!

Just a few moments ago, my friend, Kai Chin came to my house to collect some stuff. When he came in I didn't realize he had a bike. He left it out in like what.... 5 minutes?


Most of the locals here are nice. In an event where someone dropped something (ie a wallet or something valuable), most will return it. Even by mail or dropping by your house even if they don't know you. That was my experience when I lost my bus pass.

BUT, this time wow... no words to say... total shock.... just like that a £40 bike is gone. Pity Kai Chin. That a-hole who stole his bike probably had no money to get back to their little tiny hut in Timbaktu.

Malaysian Night Ball

All this rants and I'm beginning to sound like a girl! Damn, that shit is killing me! Its time for me to post some testosterone into this blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Malaysian Ball Night held in my uni by senior Malaysian students. Actually it was a last minute decision to attend the ball. I figured that hopefully I'd find some buddys who came to Newcastle but didn't know of so I went. For the ball, I wanted to look matured, cool and stylish. Sorta James Bondish-style (sounds kinda weird, doesn't it?) So I bought a black designer shirt and wore it with err... pants? Not forgetting my underwear. Anyway I looked cool, stylish and excellent..... Ok Ok I didn't look THAT cool. Wasn't so stylish but was still excellent (Hey, I was one of the good-looking guys in the ball). Anyway I attended to the ball with a couple of my house mates, Jessie and JingWei a.k.a JW, and other friends. To make a note, Jessie was specially attractive that night with her cheongsam. Oh I wish I never had dreams. hehe. =D
Did I mention Jessie was specially attractive?

Anyway after we entered the ball, it was packed with so many people that I didn't believe that all of them were Malaysians. and I was right. The place was packed with Hongkies, Indonesians and others but there were only a few 'guai los'. Sucky when we are living in a foreign country and no locals came along to join. HOWEVER, there was loads of hot, salty, spicy, steaming... girls (did I mention that there was a buffet for the ball too?) that I got no time to even snap photos or even pay attention to what was happening in the ball. (Sorry B, I'm a guy. Its in our DNA to 'salivate' for the opposing sex. =P)

After all the 'salivating' and some chit-chatting, we took our seats and the ball started. We had our dinner in the ball buffet-style (Lame, I know) eating so-called 'Malaysian' food. Anyway that wasn't the only thing. Both the MCs on the stage were a laughing joke. What I mean by a 'laughing joke' is that they were so L-A-M-E, that I yawned. Half of the time that they were announcing the events, no one bothered.... until the lucky draw came on. ROFL.

After all the babbling, the most exciting part of the ball started. It was the traditional dance of the three main races in Malaysia. The Chinese, Indian, Malay dance. I personally call it the Ma-In-Nese (sounds awfully similar like a sauce...). Anyway the dancers should be applauded and be encored as they were beaaauuuutiful. Both the dance and the dancers. Absolutely stunning. Really. We recorded the video down but that would be another time as its kinda 'inconvenient' for me now.

After the dance, a couple more of the lame MCs announcements, some light drinking and chit-chatting again, and the ball was over. BUT, it wasn't over for us. Not just yet. We decided to join the crowd into heading to a nightclub where an extra event was held. Hot girls, alcohol, and good music. What the hell were we waiting for! GO GO GO!

We headed to the club called Blu Bambu which is a hotspot for asians like us in Newcastle. Here clubbing is a whole different level from Malaysia's nightlife albeit the latter is way more fun. Smoking is banned indoors and that includes nightclubs, pubs etc. Nuff said. As usual, we entered the club, drank, get slightly (aroused, excited, high, whatever you wanna call it), and started to mingle. The same hot, spicy, salty, steaming girls were there too but were hogged by a bunch of guys like a pack of wolves so I decided to be the 'Lion' posing around the area (I stood in one place, never moving).

Then Leong a.k.a. J.Loh and See Tho a.k.a. Loong Kor and Jesmine arrived. We started dancing getting to know some girls, meeting familiar faces and so forth. You know how clubbing is. After that, we headed back home. That wraps up the Malaysian Ball Night for me. Btw we managed to snap some pics.
Wasn't I cool or what! hahaha

Jessie, main girl.

Heh. J.Loh's 'co-worker'. She a girl working with him at a restaurant.

Well, I think I injected some testosterone into myself. Look forward to more of it soon! Till then!

Over and OUT!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Omega Man

Obviously for this few months, I rarely post up new topics in the blog. This is because that I have no motivation at all to do it. It is also obvious that my few previous posts have been about me ranting and ranting all night long. Well there is a reason and hopefully this would be the stop of my rants.

Life in Newcastle now is not as what it seems. People can say I am lucky and should be happy but sometimes I feel it another way around. I am lucky in a sense that I am able to experience new and never seen before things. Things like experiencing the 4 seasons of the year, different culture and heh the exchange rate =P. There is more but it would never replace or cover what I'm feeling rite now. I feel bored. I feel alone. I feel that I'm becoming Will Smith in 'I Am Legend'.

In 'I Am Legend', Will Smith acted as a government scientist who discovered a threatening virus outbreak. He was immune thus allowing him to live. He decided to stay in New York and try to create an anti-virus to save humanity. For 3 years he survived. Alone. Everyday he lived in fear. He talked to his dog and put up some mannequins to keep himself sane. After his dog died, he went berserk and tried to sacrifice his own life. He ended up being beaten by some 'evolved humans' but saved by a woman and a boy. When he woke up, he saw the woman and the boy having their breakfast. After all this years of not communicating with other humans, he didn't know how to react to them. The woman says something he dislikes and SMASH, he shows his anger and his bitterness by shoving his plate, scaring both the woman and the boy.

The point of me telling of this story is that I feel the same way as he does. There are humans around me but its rare that I communicate with them. Those humans could be those 'evolved humans' who only can live in the darkness. Couped within themselves and I as Will Smith is becoming like him but to a certain extent. I feel that my communication with humans are not as good anymore and it isn't appealing to the other 'new' humans around.

The main point is that I feel isolated. I feel unneeded. I feel that I am useless. Just another 'human'. I just don't want to be treated and feel that way. I don't know about others but personally I hate it. I am a good friend. I can tell you that with confidence because I know who I am. I can share, laugh, tolerate and be patient but that we all know has a limit. My philosophy in my life is simple. The way you treat me is the way you'll be treated. Its fair, its balanced, and simple.

To keep things short, some caring wouldn't hurt a soul.

Under pressure

There is this song that I've been listening for quite sometime and I decided to share it. Its about being in pressure. About what culture has been today.

Pushing down on me
Pressing down on you
No man ask for
Under pressure
That burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming "let me out"
Pray tomorrow
Gets me higher
Pressure on people
People on streets

It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming "let me out"
Pray tomorrow
Gets me higher
Pressure on people
People on streets

Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don't work
Keep coming up with love but it's so slashed and torn
Why, why, WHY!

Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
Can't we give ourselves one more chance
Why can't we give love that one more chance
Why can't we give love, give love, give love
Give love, give love, give love, give love, give love

Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

*Lyrics by Queen - Under pressure

Thursday, 6 March 2008



This is what I require most at this moment. My dissertation and assignment due dates are coming very soon. Just another 2 months and I'll have my degree. I can do it!

Clement FTW!

P.S. : Note the capitals XD I need that too!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

No man is an island.

Its has been 6 months since I arrived in the UK. In this short duration, I realized that I have learned a great deal of knowledge. I see how things work differently, why it happens and what made it happen. I has cleared my mind and opened it to see the world as I have never seen it before. With this experience, I feel I can do anything now. To travel, to take up a new hobby, to prepare for the working life and a whole lot more. But now there is something I wish dearly for. Companionship.

I have felt lonely at times while living here. I feel as though nothing in this world knows I'm here. I felt like a rock which no one knew or even bothered. I became unmotivated, lazy, and eventually moody. I easily became angry, silent or felt destructive. Loneliness can do crazy things to a man. I have never felt so bad in my life before this. I have been patient and tolerating but it couldn't overcome my moments of grief.

I have tried a lot of things to compensate over this. I tried playing video games but it bores me out fast. I tried to focus on my studies but it couldn't keep my mind off as it puts more strain on me. As days go by, I almost felt I could become insane. I didn't want that to happen so I decided to fake my happiness. I forced myself to laugh, to smile. I stacked up playing cards, threw them up in the air (and tried to flick out the Aces as seen on television =P), and also kicked, dribble (and volleyed) with a football in my room. Now you know how a time waster, waste his time.

I did this consistently for a few days. It was until I had several chats with my friends and family who are in my home country. After a good long chat with them, I felt good. As the matter of a fact, I felt GREAT. It was then I realized that I still had hope. I still had a purpose to fulfill in my life. It wasn't time for me to give up.

In some way, they saved my life. I owe them that much and so I promise them that no matter how bad things go, I WILL NOT GIVE UP because I know that, out there, there are people who still care. I am not alone.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Its been quite some time... again since I ever posted in my blog but its Chinese New Year and I would like to wish those who are reading through my blog, GONG HEY FATT CHOY!

'Fook'. Part of my chinese name.

This would be the first year that I am not celebrating with my family but no sweat. I'll be with them and my friends soon enough. =D

Saturday, 26 January 2008


Nowadays life is not always what it seemed to me as always. I feel stuck, caged unable to move, to freely say, speak, voice out opinions. A fear cripples me, brings me down. Now I am not who I am anymore. I became something else. Silent, cold and bitter.

Why? Why did this happen? I wonder by myself sometimes. Honestly, I don't know the real reason but I do know that I am often misunderstood in many ways. Sometimes I feel that I scare people.

I was more of an outgoing person. Happy-go-lucky, adventurous and energetic. Did whatever I wanted which made me happy. Kept telling myself that I could do anything. Being positive. I helped without even being asked. I helped unconditionally. I never asked for anything back in return. Although sometimes I feel that my help is unappreciated. It never stopped me from helping. Somethings in my life may turn bad at times and I will feel worse. At times, I don't know what am I doing or what to do anymore but I told myself to keep going on. I took on the challenges and faced it. I never gave up hope.

I am tolerant till this day and will always be, to show my undying strength, that I will pursue what my family had hoped for and what I'd hope for.

Friday, 11 January 2008

The Return

Finally after 2 months of non-stop action, I'm able to rest now. I felt the blog has become stagnant after such a long time but it will not last for long!

Yes, after 2 months of non-stop action, there is plenty to say but let me build-up some stories for it yeah?

I will be giving out previews of my experience here. Adventures from the city of Edinburgh, to Barcelona, the first Christmas celebrations in UK and not forgetting the most unforgettable snow experience that I had.

So stay tuned.