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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Special One

Huah... finally able to post something on my blog. For the past 2 weeks, I was having the Easter holidays where I was able to visit London and Manchester. The cities was great but I'll post it on the next post. For now, some entertainment for football fanatics.

As you have known The Special One a.k.a. Jose Mourinho has left Chelsea FC for nearly a year. For his whereabouts, I wasn't to sure but recently he was tipped to be the next England manager. Unfortunately he rejected the offer. However this has put him back into the spotlight after some time away from the football scene.

Hilariously, I found one of his videos over (the wonders of videos) mentioning about the current English Premier League cups. Very nice.

Note FRANK, DIDIER and CLAUDE voices. Guess who they are. There was even a geordie slang from Newcastle talking about the formation of Newcastle! Even Roman wanted to buy over Setanta! I lol'ed at their voices. Fantastic!

If that was funny, watch how the top managers of the EPL argue in the show. Very nice.

Listen closely to Ferguson's chewing gum habit. Extremely funny and similar voices especially Wenger. Gave me the laughs! He IS fantastic and lets BE CHAMPIONS!

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