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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Crazy night out

This post is regarding the night where I did something stupidly out-of-my-mind.

The reason I had a walk that night was not intentional. I actually wanted to take a simple breather outside as to clear my mind and think through my thoughts. I had my mp3 on and thought that it would only take a while as it was just a breather therefore I left my room door open. As I sat staring around the area while listening to my mp3 player, I suddenly had the urge to have a short walk by just following the lights along the street thinking that I wouldn’t go far. As I strolled along, I felt quite excited as I have never done this before and as I follow along the street lights were never-ending, not quite like Malaysia’s road lighting system :P.

The chilly night at Wingrove Avenue

At that moment, I never used my rational mind to bother about simple yet important things such as bringing my hand phone or my wallet along or even on informing my housemates about it. I was so excited and curious (curiosity does kill a cat!) as to where the street lights might bring me that I put all that is important at the back of my head.

This is what happens when you are being curious. (Picture from

I sincerely apologize those who had been worried about me and at the same time also wishing to thank them as I realized they are the friends anyone would ever want.


I hope that I have not cause any one of them to have any doubts on whether I am sane as I do think rationally and would not even have a second thought of even hurting myself. That moment at that night was a spur of a moment and I can promise you it would not happen again and IF it ever does happen again, I'll remember to bring my hand phone along ;).

Although the walk that night was unintentional, I would say it was quite fun. You could say I was stupid to do it but hey, other people may even have done more unimaginable, crazier things.

Like this.

I took the walk all the way quite deep into the Fenham area crossing Pandon Gardens realising that it was quite near. The air was fresh, it wasn’t that cold and with my mp3 player on, I felt much better and was in peace with myself. I was glad I had that walk but still emphasize that what I did that night was still wrong.

In peace

Anyway with the exams and assignments finishing off at the end of the month, it would lift some weight off my shoulder and I can do more things that I wanted to do a very long time. I will be starting to look for jobs around and life would return to normal for me with a big future ahead of me.

I think she has more burdens then me.

Again thank you to those who cared for me and I wish that it could last throughout our friendship. With guys like you, I would never be who I am today. Friends forever.

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