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Monday, 23 February 2009

Gordon Brown uses Transformers leader as example?!

Hello again,

I'm welcoming back myself after months of not even touching this blog :P.

So... I am still in the 'fresh mood' so I don't really have much to say... yet.

Although, I came over this article which was published about a month ago on Gordon Brown taking Autobot leader, Optimus Prime as his example of what would a great leader be! What a thing to say for the PRIME MINISTER OF GREAT BRITAIN!

Long Live the Queen!....... and Cybertron!

And on top of that (Yes, there's more :)... ), the opposition party (ie Conservatives, etc) claim that Brown was more of a Decepticon!

Yeah, and we thought our own government was a joke. LoL.

You can read about the article here.


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