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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Backstreets back. Alright.

Omg. I'm back. I have totally forgotten about this place. It's been 11 years since I last posted. Now imma married, got a kid and a new life. Sounds awesome yeah? 

Damn right it was. 

So grateful that I some how survived and managed to build a semblance of a life for myself after so long.

But life does kick your ass a lot. Like A LOT.

While I'm grateful, I also realized I didn't build a life that I really wanted. I just survived it. And I kinda regret that part. Just goin thru the motions. Living like a robot doing daily tasks and not really living a life. 

There's just so many things that caused this and I'm gonna use this place to record what I have observed. (Also save money on therapist, another story for another time) 

It's the year 2020. There has been so much happening this year (bad, crazy shit!!) So I hope it'll get better soon. I hope...

Gawd. Feels good to have somewhere to let it out.. ahhh.

Peace out.

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