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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Jimmy Kimmel!

My friends recently sent me a video over Youtube and I found it hilarious!

Jimmy Kimmel is a American Comedian who host a talk show. This was one of his shows.

Part 1

After that, Matt got his revenge... with Jimmy's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, another comedian actress

Part 2

If you thought that was funny, wait till you watch the second one!

Part 3

Note the famous actor and actresses! Including Josh Groban!

What do you think about it? hahaha


Anonymous said...

This is simply the best stuff...


Clement Yee said...

haha I knew it... with your fav actor and all... :P

Unknown said...

Hilarious! We need to make a parody called "I'm fucking Howard Lee".

Anonymous said...

fuck me fuck you fuck him fuck her fuck who? :P fuck HOWARD LEE! hahaha. :P